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Terms of Use

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Much like everyone else who has had to enter the digital arena we would also like to lay out our privacy policy to you as well.

1. Your information is not stored or shared on this site.

2. Account creation has been restricted until such time that we (Sullivan Financial) feel your information can be safely handled without fear of hacking or unauthorized access

3.This site will never ask for payment information as this is a consulting site only. Invoices will be issued from this company and a representative would have been working with you on this to accomplish such goal.

4. This is secured with the highest level of security so any and all communications are kept in a secure system and at all times for your and our safety in this matter as we bring to you the most current and up to date anti-cyber hacking protocols and systems that will help us maintain and over come and such outside threat that could possible get into our systems. 

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By continuing on this site you agree to these terms and conditions and as such shall be held to the upmost highest standard as we are held as being a business and a friendly consumer sight.