Physical Security Director

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On Site

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Sullivan Financial

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Part Time \ Full Time

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July 1, 2020, 5:00:00 AM

About the job

In this role you would be responsible for the overall security and infrastructure of the Sullivan Financial\YoyoMac Company(ies). You must possess the following skills and or attributes
* Ability to work in a demanding envrionment
* Ability to create, execute, and detail ever evolving security features and measures for the wellbeing and security of the company and employees
* Must possess skills and knowledge for being compliant in the work place with means of security and being complaint
* Must have the knowledge of building workings
* Main contact for employees who are having security issues
* Possess knowledge in the cyber security and building security areas.

High School Diploma or Equivalent required
Security Background Required
Knowledge in physical and building\facility security required
Ability to multi-task and focus on different systems at once

This is a director\executive level role. You will report directly to the Owner and Managing Director.


  • High School Diploma\GED or College Degree (Information Tech or Security Management preferred)

  • Ability to Multi-task

  • Ability to be analytical, responsive, and creative with security and features

  • Knowledge of current industry security and facility management

  • Time Management

  • Security background - Preferred but not required

  • Able to function with limited to no supervision


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