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What does marketing mean to you? 

It means to us that we provide you with the best visualization to be displayed on social media, paper, digital platforms, mailings, and more

What we strive to be? 

We want to be the only marketing firm you come to when you are in need of getting your word out there and making it so people know who you are by giving them a marketing plan, promotion, stunning email, captivating mailing, and so much more....

What is your firms portfolio of business? 

We help with small business advertising, promotional materials, fliers, website design and upgrades, marketing material for business meeting(s), logo design, and other marketing areas as well. We have a portfolio of services that we have completed in the past for your viewing upon request. We also have a team of experts standing by to see how we can assist you in your visual, digital, and written needs. 



What is a marketing firm? 

A marketing firms is a business that helps you with all your marketing and some development needs. We specialize in small to medium enterprises with a mindset of keeping the budget low and the quality high. We know that we have competition and we want to be the best with the lowest prices and the most quality. We developed our marketing in 3 steps, step 1 being the realize the need of the client, step 2 being to develop the  timeline so every mark is achieved either in time or before time, step 3 is to make sure that the quality is unmatched by even our top competitor while also saving money for our client to apply it to other needs that might be more relevant at the time. 

Sullivan Financial is a service to rival our competitors in this market. We give the best quality as we would ask for nothing less from our service providers. We integrate easily and come out with quality that is of the best. We can't wait to show you what we have. Just ask us for sample materials and provide a rough idea of what you would like and let us show you what we can do for you.